So, who ya gonna call……??

The Universe will look after me, I am completely sure of this.  Just as I am sure ‘the three’ or karma will come along and sort shit out – good or bad.

These ‘three’, sit at the bottom of a tree/web/tapestry – in fact there are legends reaching back thousands of years  – so call them The Norns, The Fates, Moirai – they have many names, I like to think of them as Maiden, Mother and Crone.

Sitting, waiting for the tug of intentions to incite their notice, gauging the ripples in all that we do, and weaving the consequences, watching the universe as it plays out its game of life, love, death and re-birth. Should we fear them, absolutely not – should we accept that our actions have consequences, absolutely yes.

Does that mean you should live your life, turning the other cheek, always smiling through, accepting all the crap thrown as you, no, certainly not – hey ‘Do No Harm but Take No Shit’.  But always weigh up your actions, there are many ways of mitigating bad things in the world, surround yourself with light, strength and power.  But always remember, there is no shame in strength and nothing to be gained by fear.

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