Titting around with Tinctures….part #1

This weekend I got right down to it – I went into full herbalist mode and started the process of brewing up some Tinctures.

If you don’t know, Tincture are what Bach’s Rescue Remedy is – and dead easy to make – honestly.  You don’t need tonnes on ‘kit’, you just need:

  • Herbs relevant to what you want to achieve
  • Clean jars
  • Greaseproof paper
  • Some small bottles that are amber or blue glass with pipette stopper – Amazon is great for these; I like 30 or 40ml
  • 40% + Vodka – Morrisons do a good one, as do Lidl – don’t waste your best bottle of Stoli!
  • Funnel
  • Cheesecloth or Muslin

That’s it, really simple.  I decided to get these on the go after spending a few days with friends, they had some Tincture from H&B and offered me some to try that night to get me off to sleep  – it did nothing – nadda – zip – zilch, other than smell vile – that’s the valerian though…smells like arse water…So, I thought I can create something better than that – something kick-arse.

I plumped for two Tinctures – firstly will be the aptly named ‘Sleepy Time Arse Water’ and I thought of another – one to chill you the f*ck out after a hard day, that will be called ‘Comfortably Mumbly’.

So, select your herbs – aren’t they pretty 😊:

Half Fill your Jar – like this:

Fill to the very top with Vodka and place a disk of GP/Paper on top:

Use the rest of the vodka to make fruit pastille liqueur (waste not want not):

Then leave in a dark cupboard, for about 3 months (the fruit pastille vodka too), give them a little check and shake every day – if any of the vodka evaporates – top it up.  I will revisit this in months to show you next stage!  Now, all my herbs I cleanse with intent and smoke/incense and a lot of loving care – my choice, not a necessity really – but if your going to do a job….do it properly!

*** Here is a safety notice – Herbs are potent, they work – so please ALWAYS check that any herbs you are using do not interact with medications you are taking or medical conditions you may have***

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