Wonderful February

So, February is one one my favourite months, for many reasons. Two of my favourite people in the whole wide world got married in Feb, my nephew was born in Feb and my late Mothers birthday was in Feb – and me and husband play the ‘who can buy the most offensive valentines card’ game, who said romance is dead!

It is also Imbolc, well last night was, and it signifies the start of Spring – so what is not to love, seeds start to grow, night start to get lighter, little plants pop their heads through the earth – it’s a month full of hope and promise.

So, Imbolc is a pagan festival full of traditions and a festival of light, what to do……………hmm, well I am not the overly dramatic type so I had a damn good clean of the house, burned special candles and sorted my ‘space’ out, did some reading on what my next project will be (more on that another time). And generally turned my thoughts to welcoming the Spring into my home, my heart and my life and being thankful that the wheel has turned again, with me still on-board!

So, my ‘space’ not big, not grand, just enough for me, MF Jones the cat and I love it.

Love , light and blessings xxx

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